Sunday, March 22, 2009

O Fickle Spring!

I managed to get some of the transplants in the garden this morning... four different kinds of onions, broccoli and the mascara lettuce. Then, spring being what it is, the temp dropped to 40 and a dark and ominous cloud started spitting pea sized hail on me so I raised the white flag and quit for the day. I still have the green lettuce and the parsley to transplant. I guess they can wait till tomorrow.

On Saturday I got a few more onions planted along with another succession planting of spinach and radishes. Oh - the radishes I planted last week sprouted today too! This makes me happy because neither the spinach or the peas have done a darn thing. Buggars. Wake up little seeds! Haven't you heard? It's spring!

I also have conflicting information about when to start planting pumpkins and squash (both winter and summer). One guide says start now indoors another says to wait till late April, early May and plant from seed outside. Guess which one I'm going with? Oh yesssss - I LOVE PUMPKINS! So of course I started nine pumpkin plants in my starter tray this morning (I have room for exactly one - lol) and six winter squash (again room for just one!) and three summer yellow crook neck squash (yup you guessed it, room for just one.) I'm so silly. I think I might have to turn part of our yard into a pumpkin / squash patch this year since we can't afford to put in a patio anyway; might as well get something out of it, eh? Better then supporting a weed patch all summer! I figure if the seedlings don't work out or transplant well I'll just start new ones in the garden later...

As I recall my previous pumpkin transplants of years past worked out just fine... but I think I started them later then now too. I don't exactly remember. It's been four + years since I last had a veggie garden.

And have I mentioned how much I don't like flats for starts? Bah! The roots were a mess. Poor little dears, hope they survive that madness. Well, live and learn. At least the pumpkins and squash are being started in cells. I'll have some pictures tomorrow most likely. It was nice to actually see *plants* in my garden beds instead of just dirt!

Weather right now: 41.9 °F and Mostly Cloudy
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Humidity: 71%
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