Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I bought a sage start at the nursery on a whim a few weeks ago. I thought I'd keep it in the kitchen on the sill for a bit of green in the house until after our last frost date before I put it out by the veggie garden. I don't really have any house plants - so I thought it would be nice to have a bit of green to look at till the weather warms up and I can hang out outside more. However temps in the house are pretty spring like or at least the aphids think so. I can't believe they found my *one* (temporary) houseplant and are sucking the life out of it. Ug! Where did they come from?!

I've been spraying the plant with water for the past three or so days since I first noticed them, with not much success. Fuzzy leaves make it hard to get the little buggars off. So today I put together a bottle of this organic herbicide / insecticide. I hope it does the trick! I'd hate to put this anywhere near the veggie garden. I don't need to start off the veggies at a disadvantage with an aphid infestation.

Anyone else have a recipe for an organic insecticide in case this one doesn't pan out?

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Liisa said...


I feel for ya. I have both green and black aphids in my yard. They even survived the bit of frost we had. I did see a Ladybug in my Alpine Strawberry container happily munching away. Oh and I counted the spots :-)


engineeredgarden said...

Spray insecticidal soap on them. You can visit the GW organic gardening forum for the recipe.