Thursday, March 12, 2009

All's quite here

It's been a slow week. Everyone's had the stomach flu which is enough to put the breaks on everything. I did finally feel good enough to get out of the house today. The first place I went was to the nursery to get onion sets (somehow I managed to not start enough from seed - how did that happen?!) so to fill up those designated spaces - onion sets it is. Mmmm. I love onions. I also picked up some seed taters. Blue ones and gold ones. (How's that for specifics?!) Okay Yukon Golds - pretty standard and I think the blue one's were called All Blue or something pretty generic. We'll see how they fare against the one's I started from seed.

This week or early next I need to start hardening off some of my seedlings. I also get to plunk a few things right into the garden beds (my favorite!) Peas please! ...and radishes (one of the four veggies DH will eat - go figure) plus time for a second round of lettuce (to start under lights). This time a butter type instead of loose leaf. Yummers. Spring salad i eagerly await thee!

Oh speaking of actual garden beds, my spinach is looking spritely! The poor, poor little pepper plant out in the freezing garden however, I don't think is going to make it. It's all wilted and pathetic. Ah well... I'm also worried about the bell peppers inside too. I don't know what's wrong with them but they're turning purple again. I don't think peppers like me. The light hasn't changed the temp hasn't changed. I did repot them and gave them a *sparse* amount of fertilizer. I hope I didn't stress them out too much. 0.o I'll have to examine that situation more closely and report back here. (Peppers from seed are new for me -- can you tell?!)

Weather: 44.7 °F and Clear
Windchill: 45 °F
Humidity: 38%
Dew Point: 21 °F
Wind: 11.0 mph from the SE
Wind Gust: 12.0 mph


Randy Emmitt said...


Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! Sounds like you have a good start on that garden. We planted red potatoes and some fingerlings that were sprouting last Sunday. Beautiful cold rainy day here.

engineeredgarden said...

Jenn, sorry some of your stuff is looking bad. Mine are giving me fits, too....I hope you and your family get better soon.


Just Jenn said...

Thanks guys - we're on the mend!