Saturday, March 28, 2009


I love reading other blogs and real life experiences. Other gardeners are so helpful! Here are a few tips I've picked up recently on aphids.

" One of the most valuable pieces of information to me, was the fact that aphids, whiteflies, spidermites, and mealy worms are attracted to the color yellow. Yeah…just paint a stick yellow, coat it with some type of safe oil, then stick it in the ground beside your tomato plant. You’ll catch lots of these pests this way…."

Our Engineered Garden

"Have you tried whiteoil for aphids? that's what i normally use. It's vegetable oil water and a little bit of dishwasing detergent. You mix it up well and pop it in a hand pump spray bottle. the detergent acts as a cutting agent to mix the oil and water. Insects such as aphids have a basic respiratory system that requires them to breath through the "skin". Spraying the oil on them provides a air proof coating over them so they drop off and may or may not die, but it's reasonably effective and only takes a jiffy to mix up a batch. It's called white oil as the mixture looks white once you mix it up as the suds for little bubbles."

My friend Cat

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