Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little patience goes a long way.

While waiting for the world to rotate on its axis and bring us a bit closer to warmer weather and sunshine and flowers and a world that actually feels more like spring then winter I decided to cheat. I "planted" these three lovely flowers in the nasturtium bed. A little patience goes a long way. Apparently I don't have much of that - so HA! on you cold weather! There will be color in my garden in March whether or not you like it. (heehee) Actually my three year old loved them and how can I say no to her sweetness? Besides they were cheap. You can also see where I've set up the tomato cages in the far end of the bed and a few onion and garlic shoots sticking up in between... or maybe not, they're tiny but they're there - I promise! (See the white markers for them?)

For Christmas I also got a rain gauge which I've been wanting to install but couldn't figure out where till now. So many rules, no big trees, nothing tall around it but plants are okay, needs to be X# of inches above whatever you're attaching it to, etc. I figured at the foot of the bed would be good, it won't get knocked by the wheel barrow and it's pretty much going to tell me exactly how much rain my beds are getting. Nothing is really obstructing it. Otherwise anyone have any other ideas or thoughts on placement for successful accurate readings?

And you might've remembered me mentioning that I started some squash seeds a few days ago. I checked on them late this morning around 11 am or so and... just dirt. Went out this afternoon and come home about seven hours later - holy smokes would you look at that?!
It was a good 1" tall! I'm such a proud mama. I love the squashes and gourds. Love them. This one is a small winter squash called Fairy. So far it seems magical to me!

Weather: 48.3 °F and Overcast
Windchill: 48 °F
Humidity: 72%
Dew Point: 40 °F
Wind: 2.0 mph from the SSW
Wind Gust: 10.0 mph

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Joanne said...

Great idea with the flowers ;-)
I like the tomato cages. I've just come inside from pulling out a tomato jungle. Several attempts at tying them to stakes had totally failed and they had gone ballistic all over one end of the MTV. I'll be keeping an eye out for those cages here.