Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's the little things

Very exciting news here. I got to use my cold frames for the first time today - woot! I put the onions, lettuce and broccoli out into the (shaded) frames for an hour today to begin the hardening off process. Tomorrow I'll put them out there for two hours. They actually looked better and less stressed out then the day before much to my relief.

Went to the nursery today too and picked up flats with cells. I hope this is then the last of my watering and drainage issues I was having with using just flats because next week I can look forward to starting my pumpkins, summer squash and winter squash. My favorites!

Have I mentioned I *LOVE* the way tomato leaves smell? I thinned out the seedlings and kept just the two that will go in the garden. Hope I picked the right ones. 0.o

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Concrete Jungle LA said...

I feel you on the tomoto leaves and picking the right ones. I always get sad when I pull the sad little guys up and put them in the worm farm. Best of luck!