Monday, March 2, 2009

A good day playing in the garden

It was a beautiful spring like day today. So even though I was supposed to be in the house cleaning I couldn't resist running around outside and playing in the dirt. Yay dirt! And really no matter what I do in the back yard it'll look better then it did before because face it - it's been a giant weed patch for years now.

First up on the list was this odd little spot that got created on accident between the fence, blueberry bed and the new garden bed.

Since I had some left over bricks from when we put in a patio and walkway in the front three years ago I thought I'd *finally* put them to use by creating a low wall for a mini-flower bed. I figure I'll plant some nasturtiums and morning glory here in a few weeks. It'll help cover up the ugly fence when the vines grow up.

I also cleaned up this area which I basically came to think of as "stump in weed pile". I wish I had taken a before picture so you could see how bad it was. I moved some of my pots which have been languishing under an eve by the house all winter, over to the stump. I put out some decorative rock that I had sitting around in a bag between the stump and the sidewalk. I like it but I think the ant colony that had moved in was a bit ticked. Oops. I also tilled in some nice compost and planted three different kinds of dahlia's*. Again it'll look lovely later this summer. I'll have to think about relocating a few of the dahlia's later on so I can plant things that will grow at different times of year. I'd hate for it to be a mud pit all winter and spring. I'd also like to get some more Blue Star Creeper to butt up against the decorative rock. Maybe late next month. One step at a time... The weeds to the right will be removed when I put down more 3/4 minus to create a little ramped path from the sidewalk up to the garden beds.

I also potted up my purple peppers and just added more soil to the toms to keep them from being quite so leggy. One of the peppers doesn't look thrilled that it was ripped asunder. It's okay as I only really have room for one anyway (and five sprang up) Heh. I'll probably give some of my starts to my neighbor who's hugely pregnant right now and isn't exactly gardening with the same zest she usually does. Looks like I'll be the one bringing her produce this summer!

The spinach is messing with me. Maybe the little weed? at the bottom left is just that. Had a new one spring up real close by... is that one spinach? (Obviously I've never started spinach from seed before...) What do you look like little friend?

*Dahlia's I planted: Thomas A. Edison, Alfred Grille and Sunshine

Weather: 57.9 °F with Scattered Clouds
Humidity: 56%
Dew Point: 42 °F
Wind: 0.0 mph from the South
Wind Gust: 5.0 mph


engineeredgarden said...

That other might be spinach. I really can't tell yet.


Liisa said...


You are a girl after my own heart... Always the garden over housework... making a little flower bed out of leftovers... I love the way you think!


Randy Emmitt said...


I want one of those purple pots! I think you have spinach, I'll know in a few days as mine should be up.