Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bad timing

I seriously *cannot* believe it's supposed to snow tonight. Especially since after 17 days my spinach finally decided to sprout - today.

I'm also feeling a bit under the weather but knew I should do something about the little sproutlets so I made some make-shift cloches for them after rummaging through our recycling bin. I cut water bottles in half and poked holes in them and stuck a rock or two on top to keep the wind from blowing them away. I think they should be okay. It's not too windy and it's still warm-ish. Okay, it's not freezing. Yet.

We have had some nice weather because there are flowers that are getting ready to bloom.

I also feel really bad for my paprika peppers. I have a hard time culling them but ran out of pots to repot them in and had one left over. (All the others have been safely repotted and are tucked in under the grow lights).

I could either plunk it in the compost where it's short little life would end quite quickly and finally or I could banish it to the siberian gulag where it *could* have a chance to live, though not likely. Gulag it was. I put it straight in the garden bed without hardening it off... much too early for a pepper plant. I did take a small pity on it and cover it so it wouldn't be so brutally cold. I'm not sure which is the less cruel option. We'll see what happens. If only I'd bought one more cup of yogurt for my kiddlet. ::sigh::

Weather: 38.8 °F and Mostly Cloudy
Windchill: 35 °F
Humidity: 83%
Dew Point: 34 °F
Wind: 5.0 mph from the SW
Wind Gust: 9.0 mph


Randy Emmitt said...


Not to worry, our plants did just fine with 5 inches of snow last week, though our spinach has not came up yet. Found a snail eating our peas today....79 degrees today and tomorrow.

engineeredgarden said...

Jenn, good idea on the little cloches. Everything should be just fine. I've been saving all of my 2 liter drink bottles for a couple of months, and will make cloches out of them,as well.


Amy said...

I had some spinach I planted last fall (to late to do much though). I couldn't bear to pull it out so I plunked about 6" of hay on top of it. I looked under there a few weeks ago and they're still alive, even after some sub-zero winter nights! Of course, I tried to move them last weekend, now they don't look so good. Good thing it looks like my spinach seeds might sprout this time!