Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worm Sex

Not much to report here. The beds are built, the pathways are laid and nearly everything has been planted. Now I just need to let it all grow! I did notice that the corn has come up. I'll give it a few more days and direct seed the duds that didn't show up. Can't go without my corn! I was also checking under the boards to see if the cilantro had sprouted yet. While I didn't find any sprouts I did find giant worms gettin' down and dirty. Yay for worm sex! I hope they have lots of little babies.  I tried to get a better shot but when I moved some of the chunky bits off the worms they retreated back into the soil.


We didn't get hardly and rain last week so I went out and watered everything really well on Monday. What happens? It starts raining Monday evening and hasn't let up since. Figures. It's supposed to be sunny and warm again starting Thursday. I'll be sure to get out and re-spray everything with the cornmeal tea again to keep the fungus issues at bay with all this moisture and water we've been getting. At least the rain barrel will be full again. ::g::

Weather: 49.0 °F with Light Rain
Windchill: 49 °F
Humidity: 82%
Dew Point: 44 °F
Wind: 0.0 mph
Wind Gust: 2.0 mph


Amy said...

This year, I'm going to try soaking the corn overnight to see if I have fewer duds.

Randy Emmitt said...


I stopped at a local nursery the other day and saw Mockingbirds doing it on the ground. Spring is here.

Annie's Granny said...

Jenn pays her worms to have sex? A whole quarter? Which one of them got the money?

Same here on the weather, except I think our wind chill was a bit colder. I had really watered well the day before the rain came, now the garden is super soggy.

Ribbit said...

I can only imagine the crazy hits your blog will get when someone googles anything remotely close to your subject heading!

They do say you can find anything that fits your fancy on the Internet, don't they.

Thanks for the laugh!

Just Jenn said...

Amy, sounds reasonable. I didn't soak mine and most of them came up. I soaked my peas and most of them rotted! I think we're pretty wet here. Hope you get less duds with the soaking.

Randy, seems nature's having sex everywhere these days!

Granny, I just paid to watch! lol... they did it for the free compost. ;^) Sorry for your sogginess. How's it goin' with the cornmeal anti-fungal spay? I managed to get the garden sprayed once then we were deluged with rain. I spayed again this morning now that most of the storms are past. How often were you spraying? I lost all the garlic to purple blotch. =(

Ribbit, I'm afraid of who would be googling "worm sex"! lol Got your attention though, didn't I?

Annie's Granny said...

My garlic is looking quite good with just the one drench, but I also scratched a bit of it (dry) into the ground. I have noticed the largest plant as one leaf that has streaks in it, but that looks like a different affliction. I'll probably just pull it and use it for spring garlic.