Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jack Frost

Well I got out there last night and covered everything up.
It took me 45 minutes because I didn't really have any appropriate coverage materials so I was digging around in the garage for packing blankets and paint tarps, etc.

The good news? I found two slugs and kicked them out. They've really been decimating my green lettuce 'Salad Bowl'. I think I really need to tack up strips of sandpaper on the insides of the raised beds to help keep them out.

The bad news? No frost. Yeah, all that scrambling around in the dark for nothing. Sigh.


Randy Emmitt said...


Always the way it works if you had not went out it surely would have frosted.

Annie's Granny said...

At least you probably slept well. If you hadn't covered them, you'd have been awake half the night worrying!

engineeredgarden said...

Don't ya hate it when that happens? I have alot of old bedsheets that I put over my plants. It works well for keeping the frost from getting to the veggies.