Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Good, the bad and the ugly

I finally figured out what was wrong with my sweet bell pepper plants - fungal ring spot! It's too damn damp in Oregon. Of course it probably doesn't help that I love the seedlings to death, literally. I think I've been overwatering them.

There was nothing to really indicate a fungal disease up until today. Then tonight when I was moving them out of the bedroom window and back into the kitchen for their morning sunbath I noticed an odd pattern on one of the leaves of an otherwise pretty healthy specimen.
I couldn't find anything describing this condition looking under ailments for peppers but found an *identical* image under columbines of all things. Then flipped through the book and noted several other similar images that corresponded pretty closely to my pepper leaf and they all said nearly the same thing: fungal - too damp/wet - plants spaced too close together, pick off infected leaves, etc... use a sulfur fungicide as an organic solution to the problem.

So tonight I sprayed a sulfur fungicide on them. We'll see how they do going forward. So far they've mostly been dropping their pale green leaves. I need to ignore them more! I put them back downstairs under the fake lights again. Time will tell. Oh and I'm locking up my watering can. Ha!

And just so this post isn't totally boring here are some lovely pictures.
Soon to be a yummy strawberry!

The first round of radishes are startin' to get there!

The potatoes have finally started to poke up. (Commerical russets first, then the true blue. Still waiting for Yukon Gold to make an appearance.)

The broccoli is looking happy and healthy

Fairy wings for Granny. ;^)

Yellow Crookneck Squash is happy to be out in the garden and away from the fake lights.

My peas! The few that came up from the first round look good; glad to see the second planting making their first appearance too.

My pretty Mascara Lettuce is finally getting bigger. Love that the snails haven't bothered this variety at all. I wound up replacing the five Salad Bowl starts with some Four Seasons lettuce. We should be good for salads for a while now!

Onions. Yeah, they grow like nuts. What more can I say? ::g::

Flowers, chocolate mint and strawberries.

The sage seems to like its new home just fine. It looks like it's going through a little growing spurt, now that it's settling in.

My sad looking Oregon Star tomato... I hope it springs back. I think the cooler weather we've been having has helped it a bit.

This is the bed with the green beans (no signs of sprouting yet), broccoli, potatoes, cilantro waiting to sprout under the board (they like it dark for germination), beets, radishes and various lettuce. Notice something missing? Yeah the glass over the cold frame at the foot of the bed. My wild toddler thought it would be fun to fling a rake though the air. Guess where it landed? Yup. Right through the window pane and into the radishes! Luckily no one was hurt... except for the cold frame. Looks like we'll have to replace the glass. Dang.


Randy Emmitt said...


Everything looks pretty good there, sorry about the cold damp weather. Our tomatoes look terrible to and it is expects to be in the 80s for the next 5 days. Watering will be our daily chore.

Annie's Granny said...

Jenn, I can see a real improvement in my garlic after using the corn meal spray on them, maybe that would work on the peppers.

I had to cover my "fairy wings", beans and potatoes last night, but it only got to 30F, not the 27F that was predicted. I'm hoping everything survived. My laundry room is FULL of plants! They probably enjoyed the warmth of the house last night.

Liisa said...

It all looks great. My Yukon Gold's were the last to come up. They like to take their time. But once they get going there is no stoppng them :-)


Engineeredgarden said...

Jenn - that's the same way some of my tomato plants looked. Now that they've been outside for a couple of weeks - big difference! It's difficult to not water the plants when inside....they just look like they need it. Ha! Yellow crookneck squash is my favorite, and can't wait to see yours growing. Too bad on the cold frame, at least there's several months to fix it.

Joanne said...

You've got a nice variety there.