Sunday, April 26, 2009

One thing done, on to the next!

I received my second round of asparagus a couple of days ago and it really wasn't any less moldy then the first batch. However it did allow me to pick out the best of both batches to plant. I also took Granny up on her advice and soaked the first batch in chamomile tea which seemed to help them. Even just storing the one's I hadn't planted they perked up and were growing in my pretty dark cool basement. Those went into the garden! However I had two dozen left over so I wandered down to the neighbors house and gave her the left overs. She'd just put three raised beds in her front yard and was slowly converting her back yard to a useable space. She was planning on asparagus but hadn't quite got the bed prepped. I think they'll keep for a few weeks for her. She was pretty happy about it. I'm glad it could go to the neighbor. I'd rather that then a stranger on Craig's List... though that's still better then putting them in the compost bin!

Looks like garden spider season has arrived. I've noticed little catches of these guys all over the yard. I hope I make a nice home for them. I need someone to eat the pests that are bound to show up sooner then later.

The sulphur spray wasn't really cuttin' it on the garlic, which is pretty much a lost cause at this point. I'm going to pull it all. There are one or two hangers-on but really I'd like to start fresh. I'm just bummed because I can't find garlic anywhere! I guess I'm going to have to order some on-line. Anyway seems that I have fungal problems on more then just the garlic now. Onions are infected and the peppers have ring-spot. The morning glory I planted out in the yard is also showing some sort of fungal disease. So on to the next healing method - cornmeal tea. I soaked a cup of cornmeal in a gallon of water overnight and then sprayed the cornmeal water on my plants two days ago. Crazy. They're already looking perkier. Of course with only two days time it could just as easily be wishful thinking on my behalf. I really am hoping for the best. I think the best possible plan would be to have some warmer, sunnier, drier days! Why can't I just order up what I need from Mother Nature? She's so inconsiderate! ;^)

We finished laying down the 1/4" minus pathways around the beds this evening! Whew~ I'm so giddy about it I can't even begin to tell you. This was our backyard two years ago. It was dark and dreary and moldy. The apple tree on the left was completely diseased and most of the limbs were hollow. It also dropped all kinds of debris in the yard. As much as I hated to have it cut down it was necessary. The next big storm and a broken limb could've taken out the garage.

We've come along way! The pots on the left sit on the old tree stump. The pines were limbed up to let more light in and we removed the landscape bush to make way for the squash bed. There are now productive raised beds and easy to manage gravel pathways. I'm really tickled that at least 1/2 of our backyard is now an inviting functional space. Woot!



Liisa said...

Wow the before and after shot of the backyard is amazing. You have done a lot of work and it looks great!

Annie's Granny said...

What an improvement! From dreary to sunny...everything really looks nice!

Dan said...

Your yard is looking great!

Joanne said...

Very nice! Those raised beds look so neat and functional. You've done well.

Sinfonian said...

What a transformation! Makes me kick myself again for not taking before shots. Of course my garden area made your before shot look like the garden of Eden. I love the fact you have a good entertaining area and then your garden as the back drop. Very PNW gardener! I love it. Bravo!