Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A quick update

I'm in a better mood today. No more of my lettuce was munched out in the garden beds. (Though I did notice a few radish leaves were nibbled but they're not as tasty apparently.) My broccoli is looking quite vigorous and is doing well. Lucky the Onion is sending up good green healthy shoots. The peas that did come up look happy and (for now) untouched by munching critters.

Also it's hard to be upset when you have sunny yellow tulips to look at.

I did manage to get the new flower bed mulched. It'll be dahlia's behind the pots as a micro cut flower garden in the late summer. I also think I need some Blue Star Creeper to grow in front of the pots and stump. I still need to lay down some board to define where the hard edge of the bed will be. Where it's brown dirt in front will eventually be a crushed gravel path. I'll be glad when I finish all the hard-scaping so I can focus on the fun part - dirt and plants!

I have noticed too that birds and animals seem much more interested in our backyard then they ever have been before. Okay, let me rephrase that, squirrels, blue jays and crows are interested. I chased two squirrels out of the squash bed the other day (not that there's anything planted there yet) but still. They looked suspicious! I better not find walnuts or peanuts growing there later this summer. lol

Sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and remember that nature abhors a vacuum. It will all grow eventually.

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Liisa said...

Looking good! The sunny yellow tulips are just wonderful!

I'm so looking forward to seeing your garden grow.