Wednesday, April 15, 2009

+ & -

+ My asparagus crowns were drop shipped from the grower and arrived on my door step this afternoon!
- The roots were bluey-green and covered in fungus.
+ I called Territorial Seed Co. and they comped me the order and said they'd have their grower send me another shipment. Hope the next one isn't moldy. Better late then never.
+ This just in: "this is just a quick email to let you know that I spoke to our supplier and they will be shipping out your replacement order tomorrow. It will ship via UPS (but it is sent from the east coast) so you will probably see it sometime mid-to-late next week. The supplier also said that a little mold in transit doesn't necessarily ruin the crowns, so if you have any extra space you might want to go ahead and plant your the crowns that you have. Thanks, TSC" I just think I already have enough problems with molds and fungus that I don't need to intentionally bring more in to my garden. What do you think? Should I plant any of these? Looks like about half of them are bad.

+ It's getting to be time to plant the tomatoes in the garden.
- The heater incident really did my starts in much worse then I thought, they're a bit wilty and yellow with crispy edges. Yikes. I kept hoping they'd perk up a bit but it's not looking good.
- I only kept one of each of the tomatoes which means if these starts die I've got no back up but to go to the nursery and buy healthy starts, most likely not being able to find the varieties I'm interested in. Bah!
+ I've learned to have at least one extra of whatever I'm starting from seed in case I screw up again. Oh and to NEVER use the space heater around my starts again. Really. What was I thinking?

+ Some of the seeds are starting to sprout!

+ The neighbor across the street stopped by and said how nice the front yard looks. =)


Amy said...

If it were me, I'd probably rinse them off and plant them unless they're rotten (mushy). If you decide not to, you might offer them on Freecycle or CL or something? Maybe someone else would try it.

Annie's Granny said...

If it's fungus, I'd soak them overnight in some corn meal tea, then rinse them well and plant any that aren't mushy. If it's mold, I'd soak them in chamomile tea. Either way, I'd use them since the seed company said they would be OK to plant.

Just Jenn said...

Granny, good ideas! Too bad I'm out of both corn meal and chamomile tea. Looks like I'll be going to the store for a bit of both. It's actually mold growing on about half of the roots not a fungus. I should unbag them and see if any are salvageable.