Friday, April 10, 2009

Seeds, Sunflowers and Should Haves

Sorry no pictures today but just checking in to say I was pretty productive. I replanted the peas this afternoon and tacked up the twine for them to run up (eventually). I also started a few seeds: the last of the herbs (some of which should've been planted much earlier!*) a lot of flowers and one lonely little veggie. Also late. I'll probably work on adding in little info posts on each one later this evening. In case you didn't know I go back and add pictures of the progress of each of these and make notes if you're ever curious how a specific plant of mine is doing.

One other amusing thing. I bought a sunflower variety last year as a start called Ring of Fire. It's a beautiful little sunflower though only gets about 3' high at most. I saved the seeds because it was so expensive! ($5! for a 4" pot). This year when I was acquiring seeds I picked up a pack of Ring of Fire seeds, not remembering that that was the sunflower I already had! I guess I really like it having bought it twice! So this afternoon when I was starting my seeds I discovered this and it made me laugh. I'll have to see how my own saved seeds stack up against the commercial variety in the germination race. I planted both side by side. ::g::

*I realize that my seeds are in a bit of disarray - tucked into various jars with no rhyme or reason. My plan, given a free moment, is to go and sort them all by their start date. That way I won't miss any! I realized that I started quite a few late this year and so it doesn't happen to me next year I'm hoping that if they're all labeled something like, "Start 6 - 8 weeks before last frost" no one will get left out.

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Engineeredgarden said...

Jenn - I've got alot of sunflower seeds, but don't have anywhere to plant them. Do you know how much space they need?