Saturday, April 18, 2009

This that and the other

Since it's pretty difficult to get much done in the garden while watching a toddler* I've got to take baby steps. I managed to get a tiny bit done Thursday afternoon.
I cut the wood to edge this new little planting area and set it into the dirt. Then I proceeded to plant three thyme plants as a sort of ground cover in front of the pots (though the tags do say they can get to be 12" high, which comes right up to the top of the terracotta pot. Guess we'll find out by summer's end. I also found a smaller variety of sage which is the most lovely sage plant I think I've ever seen! I'm so happy with it. (This surely means I'll accidentally kill it somehow.) It's Salvia officinalis "Rubriflora', aka. pink flowered sage. I've never heard of it before and even a google search turned up nary a bit on it. I just loved how the unfolding leaves look like flowers themselves. This went into the new bed as well, toward the back. I hope there's enough room for it - it'll be close by the time it matures.
I was also able to pick up some parsley and plant that in the perennial bed as a companion for the asparagus.

I also hit up the nursery on Thursday and while it might not sound exciting I did get grab various soil amendments and talked to a guy who turned me on to some organic slug killer. Woot! I know, I lead a very dull life when this sort of thing makes me happy. I ran around sprinkling it everywhere. I have a bad case of snails. My poor hostas were holier then the Pope last year. I got a few plants too. Funny how their starts were so much bigger then mine. I must start my seeds earlier next year I think.

Today was really pretty productive too, though I actully neglected to take pictures. Maybe I'll try to get out there tomorrow with the camera.

I planted green beans and corn this afternoon from seed right into the garden. I also transplanted some of the more tender crops like tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, artichokes and the potatoes I started from seed way back when. The asparagus was soaked overnight in camomile tea (as per Granny's suggestion) to help rid it of the mold growing on it. I planted the ones that weren't (as) moldy into the beds. Out of 25 crowns I think there were maybe 10 or 11 that were okay. If I can get that many clean ones out of the next shipment I'll have enough to fill the space intended for them. In the meantime I might offer up the moldy crowns on Craig's List for free for anyone who wants to give it a shot. Heck - for free it can't hurt to plunk them in the ground if they've got the room for 'em.

I also worked a tiny bit more on hardscaping the back yard. I dug up some of the lawn and dug down a few inches, raked level and tamped flat a walkway area in front of the cold frame ends of the garden beds. I laid timber to divid the walk from the grass for easier maintenance. As soon as I'm able I'll take a trip to pick up some more 3/4" minus crushed gravel to fill the walkways in. This should make a nice very weed free path around all the beds (eventually).

*I gave her some bubbles to play with while trying to get the plants in the ground. What does she do? Drinks it when my head's turned for a fraction of a second. Ug! Yes I have poison control on speed dial. No they didn't think it would be an issue, drink lots of water, don't let her sleep for a few hours (in case she threw up, best if she was awake for that so as not to choke on her vomit) and call back if any alarming symptoms showed up. She knows not to drink it! We've told her a hundred times. Guess I should've told her 101. BTW she gacked over the toilet a few times later on but never did throw up. I'm hoping it all be out of her system by Monday.


Liisa said...

"My poor hostas were holier then the Pope last year." HA! that was funny!. Your "new little planting area" is so cute. Nice job.
Hope your little one is OK.


Annie's Granny said...

Oh, dear...I hope she's alright! I think I'd have been poking my finger down her throat to make her vomit.

As far as what you got done...hey, you really accomplished a lot. I love the little flower/herb bed with its pots and thyme, and the sage is gorgeous! My neighbor grows herbs, so I don't have to plant many myself. I'm still using the sage she grew last year. I dried it and then ground it up in a coffee bean grinder, and it's wonderful as a seasoning for poultry and stuffing, so much better then store bought. She grows a lot of varieties of basil, too.

Engineeredgarden said...

Oh my.....sounds like me and Jude! I turn my head, and she's into something. Hee Hee...I hope she'll be ok