Thursday, April 2, 2009

Garden goings on

So monday I was in the garden and got a little bit done. I managed to get my Walla Walla Onion starts in the ground. It was cold, wet and blustery but the onions didn't care. I kept having to go inside and run my hands under hot water to warm them up!

Speaking of cold and onions, my compost is pretty cold too. In case you can't read that it says 58°
Which is just wrong if you're trying to make compost and just right if you're a little onion trying to grow!
I found this guy in the compost. Originally I'd cut it up to make soup or chili or what have you but it seems there was enough left for it to have a go at life again! Who am I to deny this poor little guy his chance? I think I'll go find a nice spot for him in the garden beds and see what comes up. I might even name him Lucky.

I also noticed that the Salad Bowl lettuce is just not looking so hot and hasn't been for a while. I'm not sure but I think it's just too cold and wet? Maybe just too wet. The Mascara looks good and is a bit more vigirous - there have been no slug attacks on that one either. Anyone have any ideas on the green lettuce? We're finally supposed to get some warm weather this weekend so I hope that helps perk the garden up a bit. Seems like everything is kinda stalled.

I also sprayed the garlic with sulphur. I had a large plastic container from buying spinach from the store and was able to cloche three of the garlic bulbs with it. I can't say they look any better then the one's I just left out in the elements after spraying. I'll spray them again next monday and keep an eye on them. I wish we could get a break from the rain for a small bit. I'd love a day of sunshine.

I checked under the carrot board. Seems I have one sprout already! ...and one slug. I chucked the slug and left the board. I'll wait till I see a few more sprouts before removing. I've also seen a few flies buzzing around. I'm not sure if they're carrot flies or not. I'll have to take a picture and see whatcha all think.

In keeping with the new lawn care regimen I put corn gluten on the lawn. At the beginning of May I'll spread out worm castings, a bit of fine sieved compost and maybe some bone meal. This fall I'll reseed the areas that are a bit bare. We'll see how it goes. I'm know it's healthier then using Scotts or other various chemicals. Bleh.

And since I just made a post about Phenology, here are a few things I've noticed in nature this week: ornamental cherry trees are blossoming, forsythia is in bloom, the crows are nesting in the pine tree in the back yard, there are the tiniest buds on the dogwood, the tulips are up and all have closed buds except the parrot variety, and it seems the wild violets are just done blooming.

I'll leave you with a parting shot of the flower bed I hashed together very quickly last fall. No blooms yet!


Liisa said...

"I might even name him Lucky."


Randy Emmitt said...

So what is lucky? The new bed looks pretty good if you ask me. Can't imagine planting plants when it is that cold...

Annie's Granny said...

We know we've lost it when we start retrieving our composted veggies and giving them names *grin*. I just found an entire clump of healthy chives in mine. I think I'll call it Burl Chives.

Joanne said...

Lucky and Burl Chives could go on the road together with a stage show!
Too much rain is something I haven't had any experience with in my short time as a serious vegie gardener. Perhaps you could pot some lettuces in a good potting soil. Pots dry out more quickly and could even be put under shelter, or moved into sunlight provided you get some. Just a thought.