Monday, April 13, 2009


I've started hardening off some of the more tender plants... it really must be spring. My tomatoes have been visiting the cold frame! I maybe pushing it a week early... especially looking at our forecast. It's been a much colder winter/spring then we normally have. I might harden them off and just leave them in the cold frame for a while at the end of this week unless the weather looks promising. Our average last frost date is 4/15 while the safe date is 4/26. I'd hate to have put in all the time and love just to have a frost kill them before we really get goin'!

I also spotted the first robin of the season and a humming bird. The poor little humming bird was trying in vain to visit those plants that naturally have nectar for them... just *much* later in the season. Some of them haven't even sprung up yet. How frustrating! lol. The Dogwood on the hell strip is starting to bloom and the one in the front yard is finally starting to leaf out. The next round of tulips are just blushing into their color. They're very pretty next to the giant yellow one's. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.

In classic springtime weather it was a little crazy today. It was sunny, it rained and we got hit HARD twice by a down-pouring of pea sized hail. I checked the plants and they weathered it fairly well. No holes.

Also my Zinnia's sprouted today along with one chive seed and another round of lettuce. I might have to pot up the lettuce - I'm starting to run out of room for them in the beds!

WEATHER: 41.6 °F with Light Rain
Windchill: 38 °F
Humidity: 78%
Dew Point: 35 °F
Wind: 7.0 mph from the SW
Wind Gust: 12.0 mph

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