Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Garden Bed!

Once upon a time I was just a shrub

Now I'm an unsightly new garden bed *with so much potential*! (Promises it will be worth it for having removed the bush which I feel much guilt about)

And my blueberry bushes didn't get totally destroyed by our extra cold and snowy winter... they have little buds all over them.

Spinach or weed? I can't tell

Also sprouts of the day: Potato (from seed!) and artichoke which took five days. Zoinks. Still waiting on celery.
Bonus: DH fixed my leaky rain barrel (we think. It hasn't rained since this morning so we'll see tomorrow).

Currently: 46.1 °F and Overcast
Windchill: 44 °F
Humidity: 63%
Dew Point: 34 °F


Annie's Granny said...

Don't you just love new garden beds? You're not going to miss that shrub a bit!

I am considering removing at least three (might be four)lilac trees and a mulberry that is terribly messy, to make room for more beds. If I get really ambitious, there are two huge junipers that could be removed too. I don't know how far I can push this with Mr. H, who fears he is losing his entire back lawn.

Liisa said...

Congratulations Jenn! How many beds do you have now?

Just Jenn said...

Granny - I do love garden beds. Mmmm! I won't miss the shrub but I still feel bad for killing such a large and healthy plant. I should've offered it up for free on Craig's List... maybe someone would've come and taken it and planted it in their garden.

Our neighbor at the end of the block just chopped down a very old and wonderfully beautiful Lilac this weekend. Broke my heart - it was delightful when in bloom. Ah well... Poor Mr. H! First you put dirt cubes in his bourbon and now you're plotting against his lawn... lolz. Leave him a little patch for him to put his lawn chair on at least. ;^)

Just Jenn said...

Liisa - I now have four! (or five if you count the bed dedicated solely to the blueberry bushes.) =D

Randy Emmitt said...


I'm betting that is spinach! I need to see if ours is up, been raining for three days here. You won't miss that bush. Lilacs on the other hand, that is a tough one Granny.

engineeredgarden said...

Cool! That doesn't look like's something else. Spinach will look like 2 little blades of grass sticking straight up. Your blueberries are farther along than mine, I hope they're ok! Good luck!


healingmagichands said...

I'm agreeing with engineeredgarden, that definitely does not look like spinach. Spinach has very long bright green seed leaves. It looks more like clover to me.

You won't miss that shrub. And don't feel guilty either. You have every right to eliminate untidy and unsightly and unruly shrubs and trees. That shrub was probably way too close to your other bed, anyway,and no doubt had feeder roots in it competing with your veggies.