Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cold Frames & Compost Bins

I was able to pick up not only the windows from the rebuilding center but a few handle pulls as well. This one was my favorite! Of course none of them match but still - they were actually free. *Sweet*

Here's one of the cold frames with the lid down...

...and with the lid up. I took soil temp readings - the cold frame soil was about 4° warmer. Cool! (37° & 41° respectively.)

This is a shot of all three beds with the two new cold frames and one little flower? herb? idunno? bed on the end. I still have plans to dig up the dirt around each one and lay down some 3/4" minus to keep it cleaner - less mud! Oh my gosh there was so much mud tracked into my house yesterday.

And lastly a picture of the three compost "bins" in progress. DH still needs to build the five walls that separate each bin and then the roof to go over top. I've already started chucking stuff in there though cause I can't wait! Not that it's doing much of anything in the way of composting in this cold weather. Oh well, soon enough. I need to get a shredder and some old newspapers. I don't have a very good source of browns though out the year.


Annie's Granny said...

I'm absolutely drooling over your bed/cold frame combination! What a marvelous idea...I MUST get Mr. H to move my fence this year, as I have three beds that would take cold frame extensions just perfectly!

Just Jenn said...

Thanks! I'm excited to use them to harden off my seedlings this year. =) I hope you can get him to make some for you.