Monday, February 23, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

So of course today is the day that the garden watersaver arrives. We've had a week or more of cool but sunny days and today it rains. Why couldn't it show up yesterday? I want to hook up the rain barrel so bad! Bah.

At least I started the tomatoes last night. And I'm braving potatoes from seeds... also started last night. I didn't write up the whole little thing I usually do. Busy, busy. I might also have to bust out the Square Foot Garden book again - I think I can squish more plants into my beds then I've been planning for.

I still can't tell if I'm being taunted by weeds or if I really did get a little spinach sprout in the garden bed. Now there are two of them.

And since everyone else has been flaunting their seedling trays here are a few pictures of mine.



Oh does anyone know what it means if your sweet pepper leaves turn purple? Are they phosphorus deficient?

And my friend wants me to grow a Loofa for her.. lolz. She's funny. I'm not sure but I think it might be too late to start one and where in the world would I put it? Anyone have any luck growing these in the PNW?

And holy cow - I just realized I didn't start my artichoke seeds?! How did that happen?! Aw man... I wonder if it's too late. =(


Randy Emmitt said...


Really like your new photo, well done. Loofa takes a lot of space. I have a customer that grew it last year it was everywhere and was very late in the season to finish up. Hey you only live once right?

Been having problems posting to some blogs?

PA said...

HI... Im anxious to hear how you like the watersaver. Ive been thinking of making my own for some time, but just never found the right barrel.

Regarding your tomatoes... what are you planning to use to stake/support them? Ive tried everything, including the metal cages, bamboo sticks, etc. Nothing seems to work as well as I'd expect and certainly not easy.
I just ordered some Tomato Stakes from These are made from plastic and have the support ties already built it. So simple, it must work. Fingers crossed!

Happy gardening!

Just Jenn said...

Thanks Randy. I'm not the photographer you are so I'll take that as high praise. ;^)

Yeah, I think I would have to have started the loofa under lights in mid January. I have the room for it if I trellised under the garage eve. It has such a long growing season I'm not sure we'd stay warm enough long enough for it to do its thing. Still I might get a bug up my ( | ) and try it next year. Heh. ;^)

Just Jenn said...

PA - I guess you missed it! I made a whole post just for you about staking tomatoes... go back and look. Hope you see it!

BTW the watersaver is just the plastic bit that attaches to the downspout to help regulate how water is delivered into the rain barrel. Not the barrel itself.

Liisa said...

Hi Jenn,

I also like your new photo, very nice. Your seedlings look great.
Best of luck with the rain barrel.


Just Jenn said...

Thanks Liisa! (I chopped about 12" off so I guess I needed a new pic). =)