Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A good day

My shy little chocolate bells sent up one little timid sprout this morning. Success!

I also built the platform to elevate my new rain barrel out of some old pavers we had laying around. I'm not sure it's high enough. Actually, I know it's not high enough but I just need to figure out what I can use to make it higher and still keep it stable. Then I assembled
the rain barrel itself. It was pretty easy, mostly just attaching hoses and whatnot. The best part? It was a gorgeous *sunny* afternoon with 54° weather - which after this frigid winter we've had felt like the warmest sunniest summer day. It was lovely! For a while I was in just a tee shirt even. I still need to order and install the Garden Watersaver before my rain-barrel project is complete.

While I was tinkering around in the back yard I also got my spinach seeds planted directly into the garden bed. I hope it's warm enough for them out there... guess we'll find out. 0.o

Now I'm off to start my tomatoes!

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Annie's Granny said...

Congratulations..we have baby bells all over the place, don't we?

How neat that you have a rain barrel. I don't even have rain!