Thursday, February 5, 2009


Since McDepot doesn't carry anything organic or fancy or anything for the home gardner really, I was forced to look else where for my seedling heat mat. My neighbor always talks about a place that's not too far from us but I never remember to go there. I remembered today. DANGEROUS. Oh man! They had great stuff - not loads of plants like the nursery I usually go to, but lots of fun garden accessories like books, benches, fountains, trellises, pots and speciality amendments. They even had the rain barrel that I want so bad it stings. I've been drooling over this on-line for at least half a year now. Again - so tempting to just buy it! Maybe if I'm good and do the taxes I'll let myself get it for my birthday when we get our return. I hope we're getting a return. 0.o

Anyway, the seedlings. It bums me out as my last place had the perfect place for starting seeds that was nice and warm and free (in the window on top of the old warm TV). Our house here - no good little warm spot - so the heat mat is necessary. I never had to buy one before - they were twice what I thought they should be. I'll have to shop it on-line and see if I can't get it cheaper and take this one back to the fancy nursery. I suppose I could set the flat over the pilot light on the stove but I think it'll get too hot. I also finally found my kelp fertilizer but they only had it in one gallon sizes - way too much! Plus it was $25 which I didn't want to spend so I took a pass even though I'd love to soak my seeds in it before I plant them. Ah well. They said they'd be getting a smaller size in soon and would give me a call to let me know when it was available. I'll fertilize the seedlings with it then.

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