Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cold Frames

Yay! DH started working on the cold frames. I'll have three, one at the end of each bed. They're small but should work out just fine. (4' x 1.5') He built the bottom part of each one and made me go find another window for the third one. I was only going to have two but he thought since he was makin' stuff there should be three. I'm bummed I couldn't find a third window that was the right size. It was nuts at the rebuilding place and there was no one to help plus I had an untethered, curious, disobedient toddler in tow who kept running off to look at all the really neat stuff. Ug. They also had a tape measure by the check stand that you could use when I was there yesterday but it was gone today. I guess someone was off using it. That'll teach me. I should've brought my own. So I was trying to eyeball sizes. I didn't guess right and bought a smaller window. It was 2' x 3' instead of 2' x 4'. Ah well... I guess I'll have a little flower or herb bed at the end of the one raised beds. I'm actually perfectly okay with that.

DH also worked on the compost bins a little more. However those still aren't done. I chucked my kitchen scraps in there today anyway! He needs to make the sides that slide in and out still and the lids. The base frame is complete. I'm so happy with how the back yard is coming together! The next thing I need to do is work on making the gravel paths. I actually also finally got around to amending the raised beds with dolomite lime and cottonseed meal. Yes I tilled by hand. It's probably not as deep as with a tiller but that's okay cause I still need to add some more compost to two of the beds so i'll be deeper when I chuck compost on top - ha! And yes I know I owe you some pictures. Once the frames are complete I'll post some.

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