Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh the lure of the seed catalogs...

I'm so besided! I just placed an order for a bunch of seeds and asparagus crowns for early season planting. Weeee!

Now I better really get my tail in high gear! I need to set up a seed starting "bench" which I've been meaning to do but ya know, there's always tomorrow... well tomorrow is here! Crapolla! Amending the soil should've happened last fall too. Guess I'll get out and try to lime and add some cottonseed meal I have laying around. I really wish I had a tiller... hoeing by hand is such a PITA. Ah well...

It really did make me happy to get some of my seed order placed. I picked up some artichokes, french beans, peas, broccoli, celery, leeks, lettuce, spinach and blew a wad on asparagus crowns which are DH's all time favorite veggie. So can't really go without that - had to make all that work of building the beds pay off for him somehow! Not sure I'll need all 25 crowns but they didn't come in any smaller numbers. I've also got to talk DH into building me a cold frame. Shouldn't be too much trouble, right?

I'll be sure to add details of each cultivar in subsequent posts. All can be found together with a click on the Eatable Plant List Label.

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