Monday, January 19, 2009

Compost Bins!

It's funny when DH gets his mind set on something nothing can stop him. So when monday rolled around and he had the day off he decided that I needed compost bins. Now in theory this is a grand idea! I love composting and would love to have bins. However our yard is pretty small and finding a large sunny spot is a bit of a challenge. But like I said when DH is set on it - it matters not what I think. So the spot I was thinking about for a small fruit tree or coffee patio is now the new home for a three bin compost system. Of course he didn't exactly follow these instructions but you get the general idea and size of the behemoth!

The reality is, it really has nothing to do with me or the garden. It has to do with motorcycles. Recently DH was offered a lot of pretty decent free lumber from a family member. Well DH being DH took it all gleefully. Until he got home. And tried to find a place to put it all! Needless to say useless wood boards are now taking up precious space he could be storing useless motorcycle parts in! The horror. lol However this does work out greatly to my (and the gardens!) advantage.

So he even braved the cold weather (38°-ish) to start construction. He's trying so hard to use up the wood that he's ignoring one of the main principals of composting which is it needs air. He wants to use all boards on all sides (no mesh) but I need to put my foot down - compost needs air to break down! There has to be mesh in there somewhere! I think I can still convince him as he got it half made before running out of 2 1/2" nails to finish it. He did manage to run off to McDepot to get some more but I'm not sure when he'll get a chance to finish it.

I'm hoping that by late spring, early summer we'll have finished up all the work on that 1/2 of the yard. I can't tell you how great that makes me feel! Of course it's never done - there's a lot of work to be put into the half we haven't touched yet. Building a patio is a PITA. Of course I'd love some place to relax and enjoy my back yard from, so it must be done!

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