Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Not much going on in the garden... just letting things grow. I've got some corn to plant as I'm trying to stagger the harvest. It's so hard to not want to plant it all right now! Also hardly any of my carrots came up this year which is disappointing. I'm not sure why. My only guess is I didn't have a board to lay down over the carrots after seeding. I wonder if they just got too dried out? Anyway, I'll try to reseed this weekend to see if I can't a few more to sprout.

Otherwise I have a very healthy crop of weeds coming up in the front yard. It's actually rather embarrassing. I've tried to get out there and pull up weeds for at least a few minutes every day but I'm totally out numbered. Heh.


Shawn Ann said...

I know the feeling with the weeds. I actually have a little garden ornament in the front that says "weeds for sale: Pick your own!" Ha!
I like your new background!

Just Jenn said...

lol... I think I need one of those signs!
Thanks - I thought it was time for an aesthetic update. It's kinda fun to switch it up now and again. =D

Annie's Granny said...

Some of my carrots are real spotty with their germination.I don't know what to blame, as that variety of seeds were fresh and germinated great in the AZ garden. I planted three varieties here, at the same time, in the same box. One did really well, one did kind of OK, and the third did lousy. They were all planted during the time we had no irrigation water, maybe that side of the bed just dried out more.

Engineeredgarden said...

Oh gosh, if it weren't for weeds, we'd have no lawn at all. I like your new template - it must've took some time to get switched over.

Just Jenn said...

Granny: I didn't do your board trick this spring and I paid the price! Next year, down goes the board on the newly seed carrot patch to keep 'em damp. Lesson learned (the hard way!) Foolish me. ;^) Sorry too that you were having trouble with the carrots. Devilish little buggars. I do think they like it damp till they sprout.

EG: lol... Your yard always looks green and nice. Besides if you mow 'em down the weeds don't look much different then grass. ;^)
Thanks, it didn't take too much time to update the look, it actually took more time to *decide* how to update it. Heh.