Saturday, May 8, 2010

The allure of the garden

Today I should've been in bed recuperating. Alas, I found myself sitting in the garden reading a book and drinking coffee. It was such a lovely day reaching just to 80*F/26.6*C and how could I stay inside after a long wet cool spring? So there I found myself again in the garden. I thought to myself, well, planting just *one* row of corn wouldn't be too strenuous. Oh, and I've been meaning to put my cilantro starts in the ground too and well the next thing you know I'm doing all sorts of things I really shouldn't be doing because I'm sick you see. However the allure of the garden was too strong to over come. I did totally crash late in the afternoon for a three hour nap though. Perhaps I over did it?

Being the studious gardener that I am, I took copious notes.

Soon to be a tasty strawberry

Happy sunny marigolds

The last of the pasque flowers

Bleeding Heart

Baby peaches *Squeeee*!

Chive flowers - I love how pretty these are.

And the uninvited guest, the ever present dandelion, beautiful in its own right.


Annie's Granny said...

My, we've had a sickly bunch of garden bloggers this spring, haven't we? I hope you're feeling better, and glad to hear you got out to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Those marigolds just look happy! I'll be glad to get something blooming in my garden, but it will be a while yet. Except for the chives...I have lots of lovely chive blossoms.

Liisa said...

I hope you get well soon Jenn.

Deborah said...

IMHO, gardening is the best therapy for gardeners. Sorry to hear you are under the weather.

Beautiful pictures of your garden. I'm a spontaneous gardener, so planning and note-keeping are fascinating to me. I envy those who can make a plan and stick with it.

Ribbit said...

Rest up! Don't let that bug beat you.

Daphne said...

I've been a bad recuperating patient too. I get outside to water the seedlings and just keep going. Bad. I should rest more.

I hope you feel better soon.