Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bees Knees

Not sure if it's some sort of mason bee or a bee-mimicking-fly but it was cool to watch it wriggle out of it's pupae. Anyone know what it is? It was the most fun I've had while weeding a long while!


icebear said...

some type of bee mimic, must have been fascinating to watch it hatch from its pupa

Just Jenn said...

Icebear... see a few posts up. I think it's a Greater bulb fly - Merodon equestris - Family: Syrphidae
Not good for all the bulbs I have!

icebear said...

yes, i just noticed you had already figured it out. I go through my reading list in order so i commented before i read your latest.

I bet it was there because of your bluebells. We have similar looking ones over here, but i don't think i grow any flowers/plants on their "yummy" list. So i'm still in a position to find them benignly interesting. But i'll have to double check for local varieties, knowing my luck!

Hopefully they won't become a problem for you, or you find a solution that won't compromise your organic endeavors.