Monday, May 10, 2010

Attack of the killer potato plants!

My potatoes apparently LOVE where they're at. They're taking over everything. I actually had to corral them yesterday to keep them from getting any more crazy ideas. They've already shaded out all my spinach, which I got three leaves from. Foo! (I finally get it to grow and then don't get to eat any of it. ::sigh::) They pushed over two broccoli plants and are crowding out the peas now too. Dang it! I wish I had a separate spot for potatoes that didn't involve the garden beds. I might have to really do something about that next year. Of course with the new "potato collar" it sure does make hilling up a lot easier! I was thinking they'd be a bit more slow growing and the peas would've had a chance to get a little taller then the spuds. With the collar in place I don't know what'll happen with the peas and broccoli behind it... probably they won't get enough sun. Shoot. I like potatoes and all but not sure I like them at the expense of my peas and broccoli. ::grumble, grumble:: At least I have potato leek soup to look forward to later in the summer... mmmmm. =)

On the bright side the thyme is in bloom and the bees are loving it...

Also all the bush and pole beans have sprouted so that's lovely too.


Randy Emmitt said...

Never have we grown potatoes like the ones this year. Now we only had .665 inches of rain in all of April. The potatoes are a good 2 foot tall right now with little buds on just a few.

Hope the other plants there don't mind too much.

Engineeredgarden said...

I'm glad that your potatoes are doing well for you!

Momma_S said...

Wow! The potatoes have gone wild (jealous). The Thyme is beautiful. I bet it smells absolutely lovely...