Monday, September 14, 2009


We're eating a lot of tomatoes these days. They sure are good I just wish there were a bit more so I could make sauce or salsa with them. Mostly the grape tomatoes have been going nuts. Not that I mind...

I had nachos with spiced ground beef, cheese, a load of tomatoes from the garden, a splash of lime juice a bit of dried cilantro and glop or two of hot sauce for lunch the other day.

Tonight we had grilled steak with grilled grape tomatoes and green onions. The rice was herbed with fresh time and onions both from the garden. I do love summer.


Engineeredgarden said...

I'll trade you some of my tomatoes for your grape variety! I love those things. In my opinion, tomatoes are tomatoes, and with enough of the small ones - you could make salsa - for sure.

Just Jenn said...

EG - We picked a good four pounds of them this morning, with tons left on the vine, and they were all gone by tonight! They really don't last long around here. I couldn't figure out why the seeds were so expensive but now I know, the dang thing is super prolific. I'd be happy to send you some seeds, since well, the tomatoes would be a bit squished by the time they made it half way across the country.

I might make some salsa with the little ones if I could just keep my family's grubby little mits off 'em for a day or two. Though I do think my sauce toms are just about to ripen... maybe by the end of the week so at least I'll get something from them.

Momma_S said...

Nom! Those meals look so yummmy!!! You're making me hungry at 10pm. Darn!

Stefaneener said...

Nice grillwork!! I love the feeling of going outside and thinking, "Now, what for dinner tonight?" Maybe if you save your seeds, you can plant more of them and feed the family plus saving some for sauce!