Friday, September 25, 2009

Tomato Sauce

I picked about 10lbs of tomatoes tonight so I think I'll make sauce and can it tomorrow. I can't decide if I should make spaghetti sauce or just chopped toms plain to use in other dishes. I somewhat like the idea of spaghetti sauce... or catsup. Since I just planted one determinate tomato plant... I must make due. I might have to make a bit of extra room next year in the garden for another determinate tomato.. then maybe I'd get 20lbs - still such a paltry sum. lol

I also picked about half a dozen bell peppers and again as many paprika peppers. The more I write the more I'm leaning toward the spaghetti sauce... with roasted bell peppers thrown in. Mmmm. Ya know, the recipe doesn't call for bell peppers. Would I screw up the acidity by adding them in? I don't want to get sick later. The recipe does call for lemon juice to be added to the bottom of the jar, sauce ladled over, sealed and processed. Think it would be okay to add the roasted peppers?


Engineeredgarden said...

When I make my sauce later, i'll probably just can it plain. Besides, my wife enjoys "doctoring up" sauce for use on pasta, with all kinds of things thrown in. I have 12 quart bags of cored/seeded paste tomatoes in the freezer right now, and don't know how much sauce will come from them....I'll definitely grow more plants next year, too.

Annie's Granny said...

No, it might not be safe! You'd have to add vinegar or lemon juice for the peppers, too. I haven't been able to find a spaghetti sauce recipe that is proven safe for canning without a pressure canner, but I do have one from the Ball Blue Book for Seasoned tomato sauce, which has no peppers, but has onions (which aren't acidic, so what would the difference be?) But to be on the safe side, I'd can the tomato sauce and freeze the peppers to add later.

I shelled the Royal Burgundy beans last night and ended up with about 400+ seeds for us, so I'll be emailing you for an address.

Just Jenn said...

EG, I wish I had a lot more room to grow stuff - as it is I'm pretty full up. I might have to resort to pots next year for more toms.

Granny - I went with following the recipe exactly as it is - same one as yours (Ball Blue Book for Seasoned Tomato Sauce). I'll do something else with the peppers, not sure what yet.

You're a dear for thinking of me and the burgundy beans. I'd like to send you some tom seeds in return. I think you'll love them. =)