Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Post

Things have been crazy lately. What else is new? I'm happy to report however that I'm sitting in a cafe smack dab in the center of a nursery. Two of my favorite things - coffee and plants! I wish I had more time to babble here but I've got to make it quick.

Things going on in the garden:
* Eating another round of beautiful green beans.
*Sauce tomatoes are all just about to all ripen. I'm thinking I'll make spaghetti sauce with them at the end of the week (when it's not so hot out!)
*I saw a squirrel accidently drop about two stories out of a tree. Unlike cats they land on the sides. It did get up and totter off but it didn't look well. I hope that it wasn't poisoned by some neighbor.
*Before I leave I think I'll pick up some garlic for fall planting. The last variety I got didn't do well so I'm hoping changing it up will help a bit.

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Stefaneener said...

We have one of those -- it's very nice! Good luck with your garlic and your sauce. Did sauce make you think of garlic?

I've seen squirrels just fall out of trees -- just being dorky. Maybe they don't watch their feet? Your little guy was probably quite stunned. Unlike cats, they don't seem hideously embarrassed when they fall.