Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's a love, hate thing

Some of my tomatoes love me!
(like this one I bought from the store!* lol)

...and some of them hate me. Like the ones in my garden. ::pouts::
Not sure what this is, I've never had tomatoes do this to me before. Is it late blight? They were just about to ripen too.

*Store bought tomato could've come from someone's garden it was so good! Heirloom variety (brown stripe I believe) locally grown and vine ripened. I'd like to grow this myself next year if I can find seeds (yeah, I should've taken them from the tom itself but I was too busy eating it!)


Engineeredgarden said...

Blossom end rot is what those tomatoes have....I've had tons this year on my paste tomatoes.

Randy Emmitt said...

That looks like end rot. Late Blight got 2 of our plants, they just turned brown and withered. I quit growing romas because they always got end blight.

Veroknitka said...

I have end rot as well on my bummer!

Joanne said...

Hi Jenn. We had the same problem with our tomatoes too. I panicked and thought it was a fungus but a bit more reading indicated blossom end rot. Not surprisingly it is brought on by stress on the plant due to drought conditions, inadequate water and not enough calcium uptake. Many other tomatoes, particularly the cherries were splitting after watering, also because of the extreme hot and dry weather.