Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blossom End Rot

Thanks to EG for setting the record straight. He confirmed that late blight starts at the stem and works its way down, while blossom end rot shows up at the bottom of the tomato. White powdery spores and brown spots on the leaves are common symptoms of late blight. My tomatoes did have some brown crispy leaves making me think it was blight but no powdery spores. I think they might have just been scalded by the sun during our heat-wave... it would also explain why some of the newer toms are rot free. I may get a few tomatoes before the summer's out - fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

You garden progress with pictures and comments would put Martha to task. Nice job. I especially love the pics of the chili and soup but better than that, I loved eating them! They were delicious.
Guess Who? (Mom)