Sunday, August 30, 2009

The best part about the garden

Sadly my garden is pretty small all things considered so I don't really get a chance to can much since we don't really have extra but we sure have been eating well this summer. And come to think of it I did have a few pictures sitting around of what we've been doing with the harvested delights from the garden so I'll share those.

We had quite a bit of corn come in this year and paired with the tomatoes I made scratch cornbread and chili.

I also harvested all the leeks and taters (which also went into potato salad and a few other dishes) but this was the best of all, Potato Leek Soup!


Annie's Granny said...

OMG, that chili and cornbread look so good! I LOVE corn in my chili, but the person I'm married to won't eat it that way. I love cornbread, but that person doesn't like it. The soup sounds absolutely delightful, but you know who won't let potato soup touch his lips. When my granddaughter visits, we eat all the good stuff and let Mr. H have a pizza delivered.

Daphne said...

Yum potato leek soup. I'll be eating that come fall.

Engineeredgarden said...

That first dish does look really good, but I probably wouldn't like the second one. I'm more of a meat, bean, and potato guy.

Di said...

Just happened upon your very nice blog Jenn. The cornbread looks delish as does the soup. We have been overrun with yellow squash, thus a curried soup that's pretty tasty. Very nice to find another Oregon blogger. ;)

Sue said...

I think the potato leek soup sounds wonderful.
And doesn't Annies Granny sound like she has a temper today!?! I think she's still upset about her Butternut Squash Pie and Mr. H.

Just Jenn said...

Granny, that man of yours sure is a trouble maker! Do you have to rinse the sauce off his meatballs too? Picky, picky.

Daphne, I'm not one to usually go for soup but was delish.

EG, you're funny. Why wouldn't you like the second one? You just admitted you're a potato guy who wouldn't eat potato soup? LOL... Imagine someone turned a baked potato with sour cream and chives into a soup and there ya go. You'd love it. Trust me.

Di, HI! and welcome. =) Ooooh, curried squash soup sounds wonderful right about now.

Sue, I think you're right! lol...

Pure-N-Simple Garden said...

Wow! Excellent photos, this looks delicious, I'll eat just about any thing that comes from the garden.