Friday, June 12, 2009

My poor laptop took a coffee bath the other day thanks indirectly to the kiddlet. All the keys started to stick and wouldn't type! It wasn't pretty. However, now it's been pulled apart, cleaned and is drying. I'm using a hacked together computer (external keyboard and mouse attached to the laptop sans it's original keyboard) to type this up. At least it still works - whew~ aren't computers fun? But enough of that, how about a few garden shots? =)

Here's the latest harvest for a salad ...

Little tiny yellow crook neck squash are starting to come in - yay!

I love the color of the All Blue Potato flower, so pretty.

My hot pepper is starting to bloom too

...and the spinach that wouldn't. This is the biggest of the big of all my spinach and it's only about 5" tall and the saddest thing I've ever seen. I'm gonna have to work on this next year.

Overall the garden is lookin' pretty good though. The compost tea I think had some beneficial results. I had a daliah that was struggling with a fungal problem which now seems to have cleared up. I also had a salvia that would just wilt in the afternoon no matter how much water, fertilizer, compost or what-have-you. It's slowly recovering. (Amazing since this has been going on for a few years). I think it'll be 100% with another application or two. Nice! Otherwise everything else just looks healthy and thriving.


Ribbit said...

Wow! I never knew potato flowers were so beautiful.

That spinach looks like it bolted pretty fierce like.

Engineeredgarden said...

Good for you! Granny will be sad when she sees your little squash....Ha! (she has no sign of any right now..)

Just Jenn said...

Ribbit, yeah it bolted like crazy and the saddest thing is there are no leaves on it! Not sure what the heck happened.

EG, Serves her right! Did you see her beautiful spinach? I got nothin' on her there, the least I could do is out squash her. ;^) If she was closer I think I'd set up a trade... I was so unhappy to not get any of those pretty greens. By the looks of it I'll be pretty sick of yellow squash in a few weeks. heehee...

Annie's Granny said...

Granny want squash.

Randy Emmitt said...

Meg's daughter had mold problems while in the jungle in Belize with her laptop. She did the same thing you did hack in an external keyboard. That squash looks good, we have little pattypans on the vine too.

Amy said...

I started spinach in a milk jug (wintersown style) and transplanted some to the garden and some in cups for my friend's new garden. The ones in cups on my porch are so much bigger than the ones I put in the garden. Those are just sitting there. The spinach from an earlier bit of mesclun mix isn't much bigger and I'll bet it bolts soon. I'm hoping the other spinach does like last year... it never bolted! The growth slowed way down in the heat but came back to life in the fall.

Rosey Pollen said...

Your poor laptop! My daughter was dunking cookies in milk, next to our computer and decided the keyboard needed dunking as well. Fortunately, my husband is good with fixing! It survived.\
Nice photos. thanks for sharing.

Sinfonian said...

Poor laptop, I wouldn't know how to fix such a thing. My mouse wheek is not working so I'll just buy a new one.

Sorry about your spinach, mine bolted too. I yanked it last weekend.

I still love seeing your beds, they're amazing. Great work!