Monday, June 22, 2009

It's official

It's official, my laptop is completely dead, gone and buried. ::cries::
Hope I'll still get a chance or two to post here but it won't be with the frequency it once was unless something changes. (Like a bag of money falls out of the sky to buy a new one!) Well, more time to spend in the garden, right? Speaking of...

So one of the funny things we found when digging around in the pile of dirt that was our yard improvement project was this guy:Photobucket
I think he should have a name... any ideas?

Our peas are also coming in - yay! They are so sweet, I just love garden fresh peas and feel very sorry for anyone who's yet to try a vegetable that's this delish. I could literally stand next to the vines waiting for them to ripen and just graze. Mmmm peas.

My potatoes are also going bonkers. I really wish I could've put them in a growing bin but DH was burned out on the yard construction projects. Drat! Maybe next year. As it is, I've had to prop them up because they were shading the cilantro which I didn't notice under the foliage actually got really leggy. Yikes. I hope I can pinch it back enough but it might already be too far gone.

The green beans are also about 10' tall at this point! There are little white flowers just starting to bloom on them so I'm looking forward to getting to eat and pickle them. I love pickled green beans!

The artichokes are also finally starting to look more like plants then overgrown dandelions. I got such a late start on these I'm not sure we'll actually get any chokes this year. I'm going to try to overwinter them under a hoop frame - we'll see how that goes in a few months.

The first little Marigold bloom peeked it's head into the world today too. That was a nice thing to find.

Oh and my sweetheart tom has little tiny tomatoes on it - all green but there. I'm quite pleased. =)


Amy said...

I have my first potato blooms now (yay!). A couple flowers opened on one of my All Blues. I'll have to smell them tomorrow.

I'm starting to harvest peas now but they're not as sweet as I hoped (oh, but I certainly did eat them all!). I think I picked them too early and will try to leave them them there a little bit longer, sigh...

Just Jenn said...

Amy, I completely sympathize - it's hard to wait for the peas! XD

Ribbit said...

I'm so going to try potatoes next year. I've got sweet potatoes in now, but I want some of the other kind as well. I'm so excited to see how yours turn out.

Rosey Pollen said...

Yummy peas. And I would call that squirrel Frodo. He's short and cute like a hobbit. And he eats a lot.

Engineeredgarden said...

I think he should have a name... any ideas?

How about "lucifer"? They're little devils, I tell ya!

I wish I had a more favorable climate for peas like just gets too dang hot!

Annie's Granny said...

Merle the Squirrel?

R.I.P. laptop. I would sell my husband to buy a new one if my laptop died.

Jenn, is there a man running at the top of your beans?

Stefaneener said...

Hooray for the peas. My kids eat most of the snowpeas right in the garden.

There is always a "next year" list marinating in my head -- I think that's just par for the course! Congratulations on your artichokes. Maybe a fall harvest?

Just Jenn said...

Ribbit: I'll be sure to keep you posted. I have four different kinds planted. The Russet from the grocery store are doing good, they were first off the blocks to send up leaves. The All Blue have wonderful smelling blooms and are quite vigorous. The Yukon Gold came up last but they are the biggest. They are also the only variety to get hit with a fungal disease and a weird ant issue. We'll see how all the taters turn out! I also tried to grow from true seed with not much luck. The plants were very small and they just got over-shadowed by the other potato plants. I'm not sure they're even alive anymore. 0.o

Rosey: LOL - I love it!

EG: They are the Devil's spawn. If I pull one more stupid peanut plant or mini-walnut tree out of my yard I'll scream. Fortunately they're still dumb to the idea that they can eat things out of my garden. Let's hope it stays that way for a long time. Can you plant peas at Christmas? Would it be cool enough then?

Granny: I do love a good rhyme. ;^) Merle.. heehee
Oh I couldn't sell DH for a laptop - he's the geek who fixes mine when things go wrong. Maybe I'll sell the kid to the gypsies? I'd have more time to be on-line that way too. ;^) (jk!)
Oh yeah, there is a man holding an umbrella at the top of my bean tower. I'll take a better picture for you this week sometime. I like him because it rains here so much I think he's kinda amusing.

Stef: Fingers crossed for a fall harvest!

Randy Emmitt said...

Sorry about your laptop! Those peas look great and so do the potatoes. We just spent a week in Yosemite and our garden didn't get watered, the potatoes never flowered and are dying on top. We pulled the peas before we left and planted beans some look pretty good already.

SuburbanGardener said...

Jenn, your garden is growing so well. Those potato plants are so big. Very nice!!