Saturday, May 23, 2009

Too busy to blog. Oops!

It's been a busy week! We've had a lot of sunshine so I haven't been on-line much. The garden calls! Things are finally starting to take off with the warm weather. Most of the tender summer annuals are hardened off, I just need for our night time temps to warm up enough before I get them in the ground. They've been in the mid 40°'s but after monday they should bump up to the mid 50°'s so I'm holding off till then just bringing them in and out of the house everyday for the warm daytime sunshine.

I'm *still* having fungal issues! Bah. This is getting to the point of being a real pebble in my shoe. I went to check on my peas which so far have looked beautiful and are nearly 3' only to find one with curling yellow leaf tips. I removed the infected areas and hope it doesn't spread. I'm also concocting another organic anti-fungal spray to hit them with so it doesn't spread. I'll let you know how it goes.

2 cups camomile tea (cool to room temp)
1/8 tea baking soda
1/8 veg oil

I also finished building the wall on the sixth raised garden bed. Whew~ Considering our entire back yard was a giant weed patch last year at this time I feel REALLY good about our progress! I need to put down 5" or so of compost to top it off which will inoculate the soil with good microbes and nutrients. Then I'm gonna take advantage and plant pumpkins there for one season! This fall I'll be planting a semi-dwarf apple tree in that spot and some shade plants up against the fence.

Sorry for the weird color I think my kiddlet was playing with the settings. Anyway you can see the finished bed in the back ground and were I've started digging out for the seventh (and FINAL) bed in the foreground. Yay! A light at the end of the tunnel. In between we'll dig out all that dirt and lay gravel for a patio.

Now if I could just stop running into these ground spiders. They *really* creep me out. ::shivers::

Also I was looking at the difference between the potatoes in my bed that I started from seed (left side) and cut up full grown potatoes with 'eyes'. What a big difference! Bet I don't get much of a crop from the seed taters. Looks like lesson learned. ;^)

Last Friday my Mom and daughter and I went down to the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. It was a beautiful and perfect day for it. Warm, sunny and the barest of breezes. It's a HUGE public garden, covering acres and incorporating multiple types of gardens along with a Frank Lloyd Wright house (which under thread of being bulldozed (!) was moved to the garden to save and preserve it), a hotel and wedding/conference facilities, cafe, etc. It's a wonderful way to spend the day.... very relaxing. Since we were there midweek it was also not crowded. We packed a picnic lunch and had a wonderful time.

I thought of ya'll when I was there too and took a bunch of pictures of their Market Garden. I will have to say that your gardens are much better looked after! I guess that makes sense with the motivation of personal consumption at stake. ;^)
The entryway to the gardens was lovely!

Looks like they got a late start on planting peas!

This was their sq. ft. gardening bed....

Most of the beds lay pretty fallow for now or just have tiny little starts. Maybe they'll just add in the easy to grow summer crops?

A few pictures of flowers currently blooming in my garden...


Joanne said...

You have been busy! I have some potatoes in too; sprouted ones from the kitchen. I don't think its the time to have potatoes in here but the opportunity presented itself and I had the space in the MTV.

Stefaneener said...

Hey, are you talking about fungal diseases in your bed or in the seedling pots? I only use house water for seedlings these days; out in the garden goes the rainwater (and bathtub water, quite frankly).

If not, never mind. I admire your detective thinking. Are your seeds in the potatoes really seeds or seed potatoes -- the whole ones?

You're quite industrious with the beds.

I realized, now that I see your comments on the fallow beds, that I haven't planned my planting/harvesting times too well. Better records will help, hopefully, show when/how to plant for a continuous harvest. Right now it's just kale and old broccoli shoots, oh, and artichokes, available. Yum, but not that abundant.

Just Jenn said...

Joanne, it'll be a good experiment to see if they overwinter before sprouting for you in a couple of months.

Stefaneener, fungal diseases everywhere! My seedlings, my starts, my beds. Bah. I still haven't been able to make my concoction yet. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get a chance to spray especially since I noticed another pea plant leaf looking "wilty". (I was also only using house water for the seedlings and rain water for the garden).

The potatoes on the left were started from seed, seeds. The ones on the right were started from a potato that had started sprouting in my kitchen pantry, so I chopped it up and chucked in in the beds. ;^)

I'm hoping to plan out a fall garden too but I haven't gotten around to it completely yet... I'll need to start planting for that in the next month or so. I'd better get on it!