Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eat at Joe's

We're having a beautiful summer like day today for the first time in ages! I love it. I got out and fed and watered the green babies this morning. I can't believe what a huge difference it made to the garlic which was lookin' pretty droopy and sad. I applied worm castings and general purpose veg / tom food to the beds. Between that and the sunshine all the plants are having a great day. The garlic perked up in less then two hours. I'm happy about this. Who knew? Sometimes I forget compost isn't enough.

I also started to harden off the last of the summer starts that are down in the cool basement (marigolds, cilantro, chives, morning glory, basil, summer savory, pickle plants, etc). They went out for an hour this afternoon under glass in the cold frame. Tomorrow I'll put them out for a couple of hours, then a couple of more etc. I figure by the end of next week I'll be able to plant them in the garden. The timing is just about right - the blooms are just starting to drop off the dogwoods.

Okay break time's over - I'm off to dig up the triangle area some more. Maybe I'll even get the rest of the brick laid this afternoon!

Oh and hubby is so cute, he was working in the back alley and kept bringing me worms for the compost bin.


Engineeredgarden said...

Your hubs is real nice to bring those worms to ya..Can't wait to see the finished bed!

Randy Emmitt said...

Finally your putting out those plants. I'd thought chives would not need hardening. Our seeded basil looks so bad Meg bought some plants on Friday. Today it is 64 degrees and looking like rain it here. It has been in the 80s here for some time.

Sinfonian said...

Hehe, my 3 year old does the same thing! Oh wait, hehe.

Duh, I JUST got what SAHM means. My wife is one two, but she works FAR harder than I do with two little boys that aren't so little anymore.

Your garden is looking so good! It's amazing what you've done.