Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh gourds how I adore thee

*Yay! DH emptied out the truck bed (full of gravel) and went and got a load of compost for the new raised bed. I'll be planting my pumpkins tomorrow morning!!
*Compost is up to 115° this afternoon too.
*Also found baby snow pea pods on the vine. It never ceases to excite me to see the plants grow and produce yummy eatables.


Toni (WyomingMom) said...

I know what you mean!!!

I've been so excited to see my garden sprouting up! I swear that the bush beans and pumpkin plants are growing before my eyes!

We picked some Arugula to put on sandwiches for lunch! Yeah! That's our very first harvest!

Have a nice weekend Jenn... happy pumpkin planting!

Just Jenn said...

Toni, it's been great now that a few things are finally starting to become harvestable. I made a big salad last night for dinner!

Engineeredgarden said...

Jenn - I'm planting pumpkins in 2 weeks. Are ya gonna trellis yours?

Just Jenn said...

EG, lol no I won't be trellising mine, though it would be fun to have a weigh off between that your watermelon. ;^) Besides if I attempted to trellis anything that big I'm sure it'd be an unmitigated disaster. I am looking forward to watching you try to harness a behemoth though!

Anyway, it's just a one season shot for this bed because I really want to plant an apple there which I can't do till the fall now anyway so I might as well get some pumpkins and other squash out of the deal. Better that then fallow ground!