Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Veggies should be cooked *after* being harvested - NOT before



...and if that's possible, hotter.

Not much I can do for the garden these days. Trying to do some emergency watering. We've moved out of our house* for a few days as we don't have AC and it's 96° inside. I can't function in that kind of heat. I wish I could take the plants with me... sadly they're stuck in the hot, hot, hot back yard. The pumpkins are wilty...

The flowers are shriveling up and dying

And the peppers are sunburned.

Not much to do but wait out the heat. It should be a wee bit cooler by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

*We have an old house with no AC. Fortunately my sister lives in a newer house with wonderful central air. We've all been crashing there. My daughter has been having a great time with her cousins!


Ribbit said...

Not okay. Not okay at all. I'm crying for you.

Joanne said...

Oh, that's such a shame! We managed to save some things on our stinking hot days last summer by draping old bedsheets over the plants in the mornings of the hot days.
A long term report has just been leaked to the media here that this summer is shaping up to be even worse with less rain and more hot days expected than last year. We'll have to think of some survival strategies for us and the plants.
I hope your heatwave is over soon.

Amy said...

Ugh. That's way too hot. No fun, no fun at all.

I have read that the plants will wilt in the heat to conserve moisture and it's best to water them in the morning or evening. If you water them in the heat it makes them work. FWIW.

I hope everything survives. After that, 95 will feel cool :-)

Rosey Pollen said...

I think hail might be better.

Annie's Granny said...

Miserable, isn't it? At least I have AC and can get in out of the heat. I've been watching my peppers and picking them at the first sign of sun scald, as much as I hate to pick before they turn color. I have quite a few sun scalded tomatoes, too.

Hang in there....before you know it, we'll all be complaining about the cold!

Randy Emmitt said...

Hope things cool off and that you and yours stay safe in that heat. We have never had more than 104 degrees here.

Engineeredgarden said...

Those temps sure take its toll on a garden, that's for sure...Maybe you could tend to it at night, when it's cooler?

Shawn Ann said...

whew! That's total opposite of us, my garden is practically washed out...literally.
I didn't even know what a sun burned pepper looked like...good to know!

Just Jenn said...

Ribbit, It's okay... I have a bunch more pepper plants I couldn't bare to let go so planted in the front yard - the heat isn't as intense up there... so no sun scald. =)

Joanne, Funny you should mention that - I was thinking about bed sheets! I'll actually have to give that try next year. Or actually set up the hoops I've been planning. I could use a shade cover in the extreme weather (heat and snow)

Amy, Yeah, I normally water in the morning if I can (in the evening water left on the leaves can lead to fungal issues like rust spot and powdery mildew,etc.) Sadly I was having to water whenever I could as I wasn't staying at home. We escaped to my sisters (she has AC) and I was only here in the afternoon. My poor plants - watered mid day! Well better they work a little harder then die of thirst. They mostly all did okay. And yes, it was 95° today... it did feel *slightly* cooler... but not by much!

Rosey, at least with the hail it's all over with rather quickly. ;^)

Granny, I wish we had AC! Of course we really only need it for about a week maybe two out of the year so we've never gotten a unit. Oh well.

Randy, you're a lucky fellow!

EG, I would except I wasn't here during the night.. I was tending to my own coolness at my sisters... with the AC on!

Shawn Ann, Oh sorry for all the water loggedness... =( That's us most of the rest of the year. Usually I'm so sick of the rain by summertime it's not even funny. This past week however has made me a little bit remorseful... I'd love a good rain storm right about now!