Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Year

It's a new year and a new lease on life... once again I will try to chuck my bad lazy habits and actually post gardeny-goodess here for you! Of course right now there's not much to talk about and nary a thing to show (unless you want to see the green tips of some garlic I planted last fall or a few haggardly looking collard greens).

Yay collard greens!

I will apologize for dropping off last summer but we accidentally planted a seed of a different type 'round here. I'm expecting a baby boy in mid April! I also wound up having the most debilitating morning sickness to the point of pretty much being bed ridden for four months right at the end of the growing season and never even harvested half my crops. It was a real shame. Happily, that's all water under the bridge now.

The witch hazel is always so pretty in January.

This afternoon it's trying to snow and I've pulled out my garden binder and have started contemplating where I shall plant what, when the time comes. It's nearly time to start seeds (next week!) so this needs to be done.

A rough draft.

I'm making a list of what seeds need to be purchased and while I'm dreading it (because it's a complete mess) I need to also clean up the seed starting area in my house this week too. Of course some of this is complicated by my big belly. 0.o I'm still wondering how I'm going to actually get things planted outside with a big ol' baby bump in the way but I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it. Perhaps I can coerce my sister into helping?

See? Here I am being brave and just showing you *some* of the disaster that is my seed starting area. I still need to wash all the trays and lids which are stacked rather precariously by the utility sink and go through all the messy pile of seed packs I left out last fall. Shame on me! (Not the best seed storage method - lol!) I also need to dump out the old batches of fert I made up last year and look into the bottles of "magic plant potions" that I have laying around to see what needs to be replaced or replenished.

To Do this Week in Zone 8a:
Prune apple trees
Prune blueberry bushes


Stefaneener said...

Many congratulations! Not only is planting 'round bump a challenge. . . gardening with a baby always set me back a bit. Wasn't until they were around 3 that I felt like myself again. But maybe you're much more on top of things.
I'm so sorry about the morning sickness. It's just not fair, not fair at all.

Just Jenn said...

Thanks! I imagine it will be a challenge but still, it's worth a try. I can't image a summer going by without a garden fresh tomato. It won't be the most well tended garden this year either but better then no garden at all. I can always try to convince my sister to come over and help out too. I don't mind the work and I'm sure she'll want to sit around and hold the baby anyway. ;^)

Randy Emmitt said...

Good to see you back!! Sorry to hear about the morning sickness, glad it is over and all is well. Getting an early start with you garden is a good thing.

Annie's Granny said...

What a happy surprise! I'm looking forward to seeing all the seeds grow, including the little human one.

icebear said...

yay! you are back, and congratulations :)

i had an easier time gardening when my youngest was still very small and took 4 hour naps. i'd let her sleep in her pack n' play with a baby monitor and her 12 year old sister in the house enjoying the air conditioning. this last summer with her being 2 was a huge challenge, almost no napping and almost zero time to weed. my garden was also a bust.

Joanne said...

I've missed your posts- but you do have a good excuse. Congratulations! Another little garden helper on the way.

Liisa said...

What happy news! Congratulations! Glad to see you back. I really miss your blog posts.

Malar said...

Very good planning!
Congratulation to you!

Robin said...

Congratulations!! Hopefully your sister will come over and help out a bit! Looking forward to seeing your little sprout!

Just Jenn said...

Randy: Thanks! Yup, gotta get started now if I want to start seeds. ^^
Granny: I'll be sure to include some "baby seed" pictures. ;^)
Joanne: I'm hoping to get back into it! (and get caught up with how everyone else is doing!)
Liisa: It's good to be back!

Randy Emmitt said...

We got the bees last May, it has been a lot of fun. North Carolina is one of the best states with bee support from the state agriculture department. Grads on the upcoming garden helper!