Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm happy to report that I got most of my seed starting area all cleaned up - woo! I even managed to get some wee seeds poked into some dirt. Life is good. I still need to tuck in some onions but I need a better container for that since they like to all hang out next to one another and not be separated into their own little compartments. Someone needs to finish off the sour cream so I can have the plastic tub. ;^)


Sadly, however I didn't manage to take any other pictures. I also finished planning out the 2012 garden and it looks like I will have to buy a few see packs but nothing I need to worry about currently.

I was thinking about planting horseradish this year. Anyone have experience with that? I heard that they help with warding off pests that bother potatoes. I thought I might try them as a companion planting this year.

I would've tried to get out and prune the fruit trees and blueberry bushes this past week but we've been getting deluged with icy-cold winter rain. I have no desire to go out there in goggles and flippers and turn blue. I'll wait a while till things dry out and warm up - even marginally before I make the attempt.

Happy Gardening!

To Do this Week in Zone 8a:
Prune apple trees
Prune blueberry bushes
Sew seeds indoors: Broccoli, Cabbage (head), Cauliflower, Kale, Lettuce (head), Onion, and Parsley.


Randy Emmitt said...


Never planted onion seeds before, around here we just plant onion sets, planted them late last fall in fact. The sour cream container needing to be emptied made me laugh, Meg has collected hundreds of yogurt containers, we never run out.

Robin said...

It's a good feeling to get things cleaned up and start sowing some seeds!

Prairie Cat said...

You are ahead of me! I really need to get going on my garden prep!

Just Jenn said...

Randy, I've planted both and I find for me, the sets often bloom rendering the onion kinda uneatable. So, I'm trying to stick with seeds though I do think I need to maybe start them in the fall. I made a weak attempt at it last fall but was thwarted by my morning sickness to do it properly. (I threw seeds outside in a bed - only one or two sprouted - lol) Maybe this summer I'll start some indoors and transplant in the fall getting a nice harvest the following season.