Monday, June 13, 2011

How does your garden grow?

It took me a while but as promised - the new apple stick tree! (Spitzenburg) Or as I more affectionately refer to it, the fluffy apple stick.

In a few more years it'll look more like other fluffily apple stick. ;^) (Honey Crisp)

Overall the garden is doing well this year despite the cool wet weather. We had a great fiery sunset the other night.

Our pea pods have formed but alas, no peas as of yet. ::le sigh::

Chives are still blooming. I love their happy little bobby heads!

Strawberries are green too.

Our first tomato! I hope they're not all nearly greenies like last year. That was pretty disappointing.

In years past I've had a lot of trouble with everything under the sun eating my artichokes. I finally wised up a bit and moved them. So far the only the slugs have found them and I took care of it quick with Sluggo Plus. That was that. Now if I can just keep the aphids from locating them when the weather warms up I'll be good and might even get an artichoke or two this year! If they do show up, I've got a new trick up my sleeve. Ha!

With most of my attention going to the back yard my poor front yard has been entirely neglected. My sis came over to help me weed and brought her nice calm happy daughter. My kid on the other hand... well, I can say it's never dull around here! (and yes, she dressed herself)


Alison said...

So happy to see you have tomatoes and peas forming. You are ahead of us farther north, I still only have flowers on both my peas and tomatoes. It was such a disappointing year for tomatoes. I have my tomatoes under a hoophouse this year, to see if I can make them just a bit warmer. So far it seems to be working.

Love the picture of your daughter. G-O-A-L!

Randy Emmitt said...

Reading about cold days, we last saw them in April. The peas look great! We have 12 inch tall cucumbers growing where the peas were dug out. Our tomato plants are as tall as your daughter, yet no baby tomatoes yet.

Stefaneener said...

I have those kids, too. It just keeps life interesting. Artichokes and aphids seem made for each other. Soap spray, soap spray, soap spray. So far this year there's only one little choke.

Do you find that the things you most love sometimes struggle in the garden, while, say, the zucchini is practically partying all the time? Sigh. Just life as a gardener, I suppose.

rmgales said...

I think the weather has affected everyone's garden this year. We had so much rain in April and May in the east, it was hard to get seeds or transplants in. My garden is doing well now. Lots of tomatoes, squash and zuchinni so far. Polebeans aren't doing well, I'm battling groundhogs for these babies. So far, the groundhogs are winning.

Olive Oyl said...

I love your cold frames on the end of your raised beds. Ingenious & so practical in our climate. With the setting sun it appears that the orientation isn't west, so could you clarify how it works for you in that position?
I'm southeast of Seattle toward Black Diamond. I've wanted to make these add ons to our boxes & your pics might be what it will take to get them done.