Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. Really, there hasn't been much to talk about in the garden. Even worse then the last couple of years we've had a lot of cold and wet and cold and wet. Of course we're not as bad off as some of the midwest states with tornados and now the hurricane season is upon us. Nope, just cold and wet up here in the PNW. Still, it makes for frustratingly slow gardening. We're about a month + behind our usual timeline and we can't seem to warm up enough to get anything to grow with any sort of expediency. I think we've had maybe three days this whole year so far that have gotten up above 70*. You can imagine how excited I'll be this weekend then when we should see some 80* temps. Yes, I'm holding my breath.

OH, one thing that did happen. I replaced the dead peach tree. I picked up a Spitzenberg Apple stick tree. Scrawny little thing. I know in about five years it'll actually look like a tree but right now it looks a bit like a fluffy stick. I'll have to remember to take a picture and share with everyone soon. It's rather not exciting to look at now, ah but I see potential!

Of course nice cool weather crops are loving it, radishes abound!

The grape arbor that hubby hacked together for me is workin' just fine. The grapes even have wee little grapes on them! Yay! First time since I planted it two years ago... that'll be exciting. I hope they ripen enough so we can try them later this summer.

Our very green blueberries.

I love it when the chives bloom, they're so pretty.

The spinach may have refused to grow but at least this year the beets are happy!

...a bit of an overview with lettuce and peas and brassicas, etc. We've been eating a lot of salads lately... I say that like it's a good thing, cause it is.

Mmmm! Salad!

Sweet little ladybug hangin' out on the sage plant.

Baby broccoli. I'm looking forward to my summer stir-fry!

The Italian flat leafed parsley (shown here) and the cilantro are both also loving this wet weather. Perfect for leafy herbs.... this batch went into some dressing I made for the salad shown above. Delish.


Emily said...

those radishes are gorgeous! it's been cold and rainy all spring over here in boise, too. i saw a couple 80-degree days in the seven day forecast so i'm crossing my fingers.

Daphne said...

I hope you get your promised sunshine and heat. We were in the 40s and 50s one week and the next week we were in the 80s and everything bolted on us. I hope your plants act better than mine.

Just Jenn said...

Wouldn't you know it, we hit 80* today - woo! Of course neither the plants nor I are used to it. I feel like I should've been allowed to harden off a bit first. lol. I've been outside mot of day gardening except when I come in to cool off and get a drink of water, etc. ^^

Stefaneener said...

More rain forecast this weekend than the entire month has had for over a hundred years. Super.

Time to go plant some more lettuce, I guess.