Saturday, April 30, 2011

Death Day - Good Bye Sweet Peach

I haven't done a Death Day in a while and boy, this one is a doozy. I'm very, very sorry to report that the peach tree is pretty well in done for. Normally I'm a vigorous researcher when it comes to what kinds of plants go in the garden especially long term things like trees. However, several years ago I was at Home Depot of all places and saw this sweet little peach tree with the name "sugar princess" and just couldn't resist. Guess I should have! It already had evidence of peach leaf curl but I ignored that with the promise of sweet peaches in my near future.

I planted it two years ago. Last year it struggled though the peach leaf curl. I helped by covering it from rain, picking off the infected bits and doing what I could. I really needed to pick up all the leaves in the fall when they dropped but we were on vacation for over two weeks when it happened. I tried to rake up what I could when we got back but there wasn't much left. I sprayed the tree this spring but was either too late or I didn't apply enough spray and when it leafed out every single leaf was infected. All of them. I also noticed evidence of borer activity. I could try to hang on one more year but honestly I don't think there would be any improvement. I'm sad but the reality is, I think this one is done. Since there will now be a lot of peach leaf curl infecting the soil below I won't be able to replace it with another peach. I'm planning on replacing with an apple tree which is more more appropriate to our climate anyway.



Liisa said...

Oh so sorry to about your peach tree... but some times to have to cut our losses and move on. Good call :-)

Annie's Granny said...

It's sad to lose a tree of any kind, but especially sad to lose a peach tree. Been there, done that. Borers got mine, but we did have a few years of fruit from it. RIP Sugar Princess.

Randy Emmitt said...

Some plants just don't make it. I have two butterfly bushes that have died, more light now for the other plants I guess.

Alison said...

Whoa! That is one ugly tree. Sorry it is done for.

Either get it out quick and get the new one in, so it can be well watered in before the dry season starts, or replace it in the Fall, so the new tree can benefit from the Fall and Winter rain.

Plants that I put in last Fall have done so much better than ones I planted in Spring/Summer.

Just Jenn said...

Liisa, Yeah I saw that one or two leaves had PLC on them when I impulse purchased it from the Orange Box Store. It was my bad. I should've left it there! I know better then to buy diseased plants but I do LOVE peaches so my taste buds over ruled my brain. lol... ah, live and be reminded of personal foolishness.

Granny, it is sad but it was the right decision. I don't think it would've made it another year anyway... I did notice some borer activity on it this spring too. Sorry your lost your peach, it's tough to grow them up here.

Randy, Butterfly bushes grow like weeds here - you're welcome to come pull them out of my yard anytime! ;^) At least you have a good attitude about losing yours. Like you, I think it's best to just embrace those plants that do well in your region, enjoy the ones that don't via blogs, and move on. ^^

Alison, If I can't get what I want in the next week or two I'll let it slide to the fall. It's just it's a big empty hole in my garden now. The tree has only been out a few hours and I miss it already. :;pouts::

Daphne said...

I bought mine bare root through the mail, so I'm hoping they are all disease free. They still show no signs of life yet but most of the other plants that went in then are starting to show buds or leaves. It is so sad to lose a tree.

Just Jenn said...

Daphne, if it shows any sign of disease - take it back! PLC is a tough one to get rid of. I regret that I won't be able to plant another peach as the soil is now completely contaminated in that area.