Saturday, April 16, 2011

Can't win 'em all

Normally plants do pretty well around here... especially when I pay attention to them. However, for the past month (yes 30 days) I've had a house full of company and my attention has been rather divided. Sadly, my seedlings were on the very bottom of the priority list. Poor, poor tomatoes! Not only did I not cull, but I never up potted and barely watered, never mind fed. It's shameful really.


Sad to say that many of my other starts look in much the same condition. Peppers, basil, cilantro, etc. So today I went to the nursery where they're nice to baby plants and bought some new one's to take home with me. I promise to be much kinder to them! (It will be much easier to do now that things are back to normal around here)

Not to say that I've killed everything - hardly! All the plants outside that were already in the ground look lovely and healthy and happy.... I will have to make a post here soon about the veg garden in general. In the meantime how about some pretty pictures of all the spring flowers? That should cheer you up after seeing my half dead baby plants.

Parrot Tulip

Chocolate Mint just starting to come up



More tulips, not sure the variety


Jack Frost in front of Yellow Tulips

Pink tulip and spirea

Parrot Tulip about to bloom


Megan said...

Well your flowers are absolutely beautiful! My condolences to your many seedlings. At least there is a way for a back up, right?

Engineeredgarden said...

Aw, it's alright Jenn...we all mess up sometimes...You should be proud of the flowers though - they look beautiful...

Daphne said...

Oh the poor tomatoes. I'm guessing you couldn't recruit your guests into gardening. Then you would have a lot of help.

Randy Emmitt said...

Looks like you'll have to go the the farmers market and by some tomato plants for the garden this year. Those tulips are very pretty!

Just Jenn said...

Megan, yup! I love the nursery back up plan. ^^

EG, it was more neglect then anything. And it wasn't all my starts, just a few... it hasn't really fazed me too much.

Daphne, Saddest tomato starts ever. Heh. I did get some help on one of the last days of the visit from my 9 yo niece. But she mostly wanted to do the fun part of planting seeds. I really did try to get her to pull weeds - to no avail! ::alas::

Randy, I did hit up the nursery for a few tomato starts already. They're out in the cold frame waiting for our night time temps to warm up a bit before I put them in the ground for good.