Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slow Progress

I managed to muck about in the garden for a few hours before lunch. Got more of the compost** into the raised beds and was able to dig out two more walkway areas. I know it never sounds like much but I was sweating! And it was cold out! Really - at this rate I will never need a gym membership. I'm also excited because on Friday we're going down to DH's Uncle's house for a big family post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving thing and we're bringing 'Ol Penny (our truck) to pick up some scrap wood from him we can use to frame out some more beds and walkways with! Oh, and it'll be nice to visit with them too I guess. ((Heehee)) I'll take some pictures as soon as it looks like I've done anything!

**Note to self: Do not leave a giant pile of oderiffic compost in the back alley for any length of time as the local feline population will use it as largest most magnificent kitty litter box - ever! ::stupid poopy cat poop::

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