Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall Cleanup

It was crisp out - 46° but it felt great to go outside and rake leaves and snip away the last of the dying bulbs. Of course there's still loads to do (when isn't there?) but I filled one of the 60 gallon yard recycling bins so for now I'll call it good. I have one more bin which I could also easily fill - too bad they only pick them up once every other week. We called it a day when the babe started complaining her hands were cold. It looks good! I can't believe that we're still getting dahlias. I thought about cutting them to the quick but couldn't bring myself to do it as they're so prolific! I left the canna's in too for now. The edges of their leaves are starting to brown with the colder temperatures but they've still got a week or two of life in them still.

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